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Arcane Rising Preview!!!

Christmas in March

It’s that time of year again! There is little more exciting in the TCG world than spoiler season. It’s a glorious few weeks where the community is scrambling to evaluate and discuss new cards all the while trying to manage the excitement of the pending reality where they’ll actually be ripping open some booster packs in a can’t-be-here-soon-enough prerelease event.

The best part is that we get to experience this multiple times per year and it never gets old.

The theme of the most recent hero for ‘Legend Story Studios’ newest expansion ‘Arcane Rising’ for their home-run trading card game ‘Flesh and Blood’ and much-anticipated followup to the debut expansion ‘Welcome to Rathe’ very much plays on the notion of “never getting old”.

The newly offered ‘Mechanologist’ class as represented by the dashing ‘Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire’ screams steampunk and innovation! A welcome and curious fantasy trope to join the ranks within the world of Rathe.


She immediately bursts out onto the scene (and from a high story window no doubt by the looks of it!) with a wicked new card frame and an ability that is truly unique to the game so far and makes our head scratch. We’ve seen the item card type before, but only in the form of these glorious and coveted beauties (that I had the pleasure to reveal during the previous spoiler season):


Aaaaand to only put more fuel onto the fire that is the baseless speculation of what a premium Mechanologist item could look and function like, I am very grateful and excited to be able to share this Super Rare specialization card for Dash!


Shock and Awe

Umm… Ok! Nothing really screams “Eureka!” as this card does. All of those long days and nights at the workbench finally paying off in one pure moment of cognitive brilliance. An idea. The missing piece of the puzzle. Connecting everything together in one vision of perfect clarity.

A quick aside for those who are not familiar with how a card with a cost of “XX” works. When you announce to play ‘Spark of Genius’ you will have to declare a value for “X”, being the cost of the Mechanologist item that you’re going to search your deck for, and then have to pay the cost by pitching for a value equal to two times “X”. For example, if I choose to play ‘Spark of Genius’ where “X” equals two then I will need four resources to satisfy the cost. Also, uniquely if “X” were to be zero you would mitigate the downside of paying twice as much for the item you desire since the cost will remain to be zero.

If the hero ability of Dash is meant to be used to set your game plan up from the outset, then this card surely exists to keep the machine running in good order! Every aspect of this card looks to support the important factors that we know about Dash and the Mechanologist class so far.

Dash’s hero ability specifies Mechanologist items with a cost of two or less, ‘Spark of Genius’ pitching for two resources is likely to be able to pay for the majority and most useful of items in your inventory. The innovative class already boasts around the motif of hyper-efficiency by using cards in the deck as a resource, as described by the ‘Boost’ keyword as found by previous spoilers ‘Throttle’ and ‘Over Loop’.



With the hero ability of Dash allowing you to effectively present a minimum of 29 or 59 card deck in limited and constructed formats respectively, boosted cards banishing cards out of your deck, PLUS cards like ‘Spark of Genius’ actively moving a card from your deck into the arena, it might be safe to say that the Mechanologist class is looking to burn through the deck at an alarmingly high rate in order to find key higher impact cards faster and end the game much sooner than the other classes are accustomed to. Really speaking volumes that the engineering citizens of Metrix, where Mechanologists reside, operate and think at a faster pace than the rest of the world of Rathe. Gotta go fast.


But what are the fruits of Dash’s labour and genius?


Core Competency

I’ve made the claim multiple times throughout my ‘Fyendal’s Podcast’ series that I believe ‘Energy Potion’ to be the best card in the game so far. ‘Teklo Core’ is ‘Energy Potion’ on steroids, and no, I’m not referring to the artwork of ‘Strength Potion’. Let’s dive into the power level and potential of this powerful artifact which, to me, is drawing serious parallels to the infamous ‘Black Lotus’ from the ‘Magic: the Gathering’ trading card game due to being able to start in play avoiding the cost of using an action point to get into the arena. Fast resources/mana is historically amazing!


Being the first Mechanologist item revealed to us at a higher rarity (Majestic), ‘Teklo Core’ sets the benchmark for the item of choice to begin the game with when using the hero ability of Dash. This sets a massive precedent for any other Mechanologist items to follow. For example, a Mechanologist item with the new ‘Arcane Barrier’ keyword seems like a likely candidate of being a viable option in order to help combat the new Wizard class revealed this week (which you can check out the introduction to the class and arcane damage if you haven’t already HERE), and can be found in the form of ‘Aether Sink’.


A major difference between ‘Teklo Core’ and ‘Energy Potion’ is their shelf life once in the arena. You can bank and wait for exactly the right moment to use the potion, even with instant activation on an opponent’s turn whereas the new item will only stick around for two turns (most likely the first two turns of the game to get a massive headstart when you’re going second). What I’m most hopeful and interested in is the ability to manage and keep the resource generating ‘Teklo Core’ around for longer than intended, fuelling Mechanologist antics for as long as possible! It makes total sense for a steampunk class to follow the “Rule of Cool” rather than accurate science and fulfil the wishes of having an everlasting ‘Energy Potion’.

As an added bonus, both of the previews that I have been given to share work in perfect harmony together. Too often have I personally felt the pain of having multiple items in hand and needing to block, like I’m sure many of us have. Now we are able to utilise ‘Spark of Genius’ as a pseudo-item in hand that could block and that is exactly what item lovers (like me) have been wishing for! If you don’t end up needing to block then you can play the ‘Spark of Genius’ where “X” is equal to zero and search up and play for yourself a shiny and brand new ‘Teklo Core’ 😍 maybe even drawing a card if you boosted as well. That’s some serious value and utility to assist the previous risk and downside of playing too many items.


It has been shown already with the Mechanologist weapon ‘Teklo Plasma Pistol’ that steam counters aren’t exclusively something to be removed and can be added. Here’s hoping that a form of interaction exists within ‘Arcane Rising’ that will allow at least a single ‘Teklo Core’ to persist indefinitely.

Some baseless speculation on my part would be something like a legendary piece of equipment that had the following ability;

Once Per Turn Action - One Resource, Banish the top card of your deck: If the card banished is a Mechanologist card, put a steam counter on an item you control that already has a steam counter on it and go again.

This type of ability on a piece of equipment would allow you to keep a ‘Teklo Core’ around for an extended period of time but at half efficiency and at risk of missing the activation in the future if your deck is not one hundred percent Mechanologist cards. Failing to banish a Mechanologist card with this ability would leave your ‘Teklo Core’ without any steam counters on it for your next turn. Just one of my random musings on the potential with steam counters and ‘Teklo Core’ moving forward into spoiler season 😊

I would love to hear any and all speculation that you might have for ‘Arcane Rising’ as well and hope that each and every one of you has the opportunity and pleasure to play in an upcoming prerelease event! Check out the EVENT LOCATOR if you haven’t already and get yourself to one and bring and/or meet some friends and have the most amount of fun possible exploring the set of ‘Arcane Rising’ together! 😬

Just like I’m sure those at Hurley’s Heroes Comics and Games are sure to do 😊


Jason Hurley, Stephen Rose, Deian Andonov, and Justin Riley, of Hurley’s Heroes Comics and Games and an obnoxious Sasha Markovic. Guarantors of fun and friendship who met over ‘Flesh and Blood’!

Please feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media channels @markovictory or on the community Discord server.

Happy Spoiler Season!!! 🎉🎉🎉