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New Horizons - Joining LSS

Dreams do come true

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be joining the amazing team behind the creation of Flesh and Blood, the game that we have all quickly fallen in love with, at Legend Story Studios!!!

I will be operating under the role of Business Development Manager with the primary duty of bringing Flesh and Blood into as many countries and territories possible. This seriously is a dream come true and I’m very honoured to have the opportunity to spread the joy that is Flesh and Blood to the wider reaches of the world.

Going forward, I will be relinquishing any claim or opportunity to compete in further high-level events such as The Calling series, Nationals, and the World Championship, etc. Reaching the number one rank in the first season of organised play has been an amazing journey that I will always remember fondly. Great people, places, stories, and games. Thank you, everyone, who contributed to these events.

I truly believe that we are all witnesses and apart of the beginning of something that is special and that is here for the long haul.

I can’t wait to see and share what greatness this game has in store next!

Sasha Markovic



Herein lies a unique opportunity where I am able to speak freely of any and all strategic knowledge that I have accumulated during this initial period of competitive gameplay before my brain goes under lock-and-key with the confidentiality of employment and trade secrets.

I will be accepting submissions of any question that is Flesh and Blood related (or otherwise interesting) and honestly and unabashedly answering as much as I can within an hour or so at the conclusion of this week.

What is in your opinion the best class? Why wasn’t the Spaghetti Tornado deck named Ninja Turtle instead? When will Luke Badger return to dominance? The opportunities for discussion are endless!

Please feel free to submit your questions HERE

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you all ask :)